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At the height of the pandemic, amidst the isolation of lockdown, "Quarantine Screens" was born. More than just a website, it was a personal project fueled by a yearning for connection. Recognizing the shared experience of countless others, I built a platform for friends to rediscover the magic of movie nights, albeit virtually.

Fueled by the desire to combat the blues and promote film exploration, Quarantine Screens was designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. A clean interface with clear navigation, driven by my personal design sense and the "sick" vibes of the lockdown, made adding and discovering movies a breeze. The heart of the platform lay in its collaborative spirit: anyone could contribute to the ever-evolving list, fostering a sense of community and shared interest.

movie suggesting despicable meIt's super simple to add a movie to the list!

The unique aspect of Quarantine Screens was its early arrival at a time when shared movie discovery platforms were scarce. It became a haven for bored viewers seeking instant entertainment, offering random movie suggestions through a click. Beyond convenience, it sparked unexpected discoveries - hidden gems and timeless classics emerged from the collaborative list, broadening cinematic horizons.

While formal metrics weren't collected, the enthusiastic engagement spoke volumes. Friends and acquaintances actively added movies and discovered new favorites, strengthening connections and combating isolation through shared movie experiences. For me, the project served as a springboard, allowing me to hone my web design and development skills while demonstrating my ability to translate ideas into user-centered solutions.

Quarantine Screens, a personal project born from a need for connection, became a testament to the power of digital tools in fostering community and shared experiences. It not only achieved its purpose but also empowered me to refine my skills and gain valuable insights into user-centered design and development.