Optimizing Conversions for Personalized Healthcare
Ivee landing page snapshot

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Ivee needed a landing page that would grab attention and convert visitors into paying customers for services like IV therapy and preventative care evaluations.

This was our first chance to create a landing page experience for Ivee. Collaboration was key! I teamed up with conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialists to analyze user behavior and understand their target audience. Their insights on page goals and copywriting became the foundation for the design.

Focusing on the user experience, I optimized the visual design and layout. This meant selecting impactful imagery that resonated with Ivee's ideal customer and crafting a user-friendly page mockup that aligned with their brand identity.

Some text sections in the page with ntoesLeaving notes in Figma helps ensure everyone understands custom section goals and states.

Our efforts resulted in impressive improvements across key metrics. We achieved a significant 20% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA), demonstrating a more efficient use of our marketing budget right from the start. Additionally, a 49% increase in conversion rate (CVR) signifies the landing page's effectiveness in converting visitors into paying customers. Finally, a 12% improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS) highlights a significant overall boost in the campaign's effectiveness.

This study exemplifies the power of user-centered design and collaboration in launching a high-performing landing page for a new brand. We helped Ivee establish a strong foundation for their online presence, driving conversions and achieving impressive results.