Building Trust for Modern Men's Health
Hone page first glanceThis page uses a quiz to engage users and motivate them to purchase


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Hone Health, a trusted partner for several years, needed a high-performing landing page for their modern men's health platform. I worked closely with the CRO team, translating their insights into a visually compelling and user-friendly design.

By leveraging our understanding of Hone Health's target audience and competitors, I strategically chose impactful visuals that resonated with their ideal customer. A clear and streamlined layout further guided users through the conversion funnel.

a product section on the hone page

The resulting landing page has become a true champion for Hone Health's business. For over a year, it has consistently surpassed other Hone Health landing pages by a remarkable 22% in transaction conversion rate (CVR). This translates to a significant and sustained increase in new customers for Hone Health, solidifying the success of our long-term partnership.