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For Days landing page design

Product Design


This case study explores how we designed a high-converting landing page for Trashie, a recently launched clothing recycling platform. Our goal was to create a user-friendly experience that would encourage users to sign up for their take-back bag program and participate in sustainable clothing disposal.

Challenge: Effectively communicate the benefits and ease of Trashie's service to a new audience.

Solution: We developed a clear and concise landing page that utilized a listicle format. This format presented the steps involved in the recycling process: ordering a bag, filling it with unwanted clothes, and sending it back for responsible recycling. Engaging visuals complemented the messaging, further simplifying the user experience.

Outcome: The landing page proved remarkably successful, leading to a 50% increase in sign-ups for the take-back bag program. This demonstrates the power of user-centered design in driving user engagement and promoting sustainable practices. The scalable nature of the listicle format also ensures continued growth for Trashie's impactful clothing recycling platform.

listicle items for the listicle