a modern portfolio website for a brooklyn creative
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Product Design



Gulp JS


This project saw me partner with a Brooklyn-based product photographer and multidisciplinary artist to bring their vision for a modern portfolio website to life. Their key goals were to showcase their work in a visually compelling and easily navigable way, attract potential clients and employers with a professional online presence, and empower themselves to manage content independently.

I began by immersing myself in current design trends for creative portfolios, delving into the client's specific industry and target audience to understand their needs and preferences. Through open communication and collaboration, we developed a moodboard and design direction that resonated with their unique aesthetic and brand identity.

screenshot of ashlee cruz home pageI created a subtle way to expand on Ashlee and who she is, without taking too much away from her work and the rest of the site.

My technical expertise came into play as I built the website using Figma, Gulp JS, and Contentful CMS. The chosen tools ensured a visually stunning and user-friendly experience, while Contentful empowered the client with easy content management. Mastering this new CMS presented a challenge, but my dedication to learning and problem-solving led to its successful implementation.

The final website boasts a responsive and mobile-friendly design, ensuring optimal viewing on all devices. High-quality visuals showcase the client's work in a captivating manner, and intuitive navigation makes it easy for visitors to explore the portfolio and find relevant information. The client's satisfaction has been immense, praising the website's modern aesthetic, ease of use, and its ability to effectively showcase their work.

screen shot of ashlee cruz project pageEach category on her "work" page shows a draggable collection of high-quality images and GIFs accompanied by a title and optional text about the category.

This project exemplifies my ability to collaborate effectively with clients, translating their needs into successful design solutions. It also showcases my commitment to staying abreast of design trends and mastering new technologies to deliver the best possible results. Ultimately, the timeless and user-friendly website serves as a testament to my ability to create solutions that deliver long-term value and client satisfaction.